Ukraine is loosing western equipment in the counter-offensive. It’s normal!

Pictures of the destroyed western equipment surfaced all over Twitter and Telegram. If you follow the events of the war waged by Russia in Ukraine you probably already know that the most expected counter-offensive by Ukrainian troops already started.

Some images of partial destroyed / abandoned western armour surfaced from a few days ago and everyone is loosing their mind.

There are 4x Bradley IFVs, 1x Leopard 2A6 and 1x BMR-2 mine clearing vehicle.

It’s bad? Yes.

Does this mean the counter-offensive failed? No.

It’s normal to lose equipment in a war, especially in a counter-offensive operation. Russians have a few lines of defences so equipment and unfortunately lives will be lost in order to achieve a break-through.

There is almost no information available about the progress of this operation. The above image is over-shared by russians claiming that the counter-offensive has been stopped. I believe that they will have a big surprise when more information will be released.

The counter-offensive started but we don’t know if the full force has been release yet. What we know is that there are some “probing” attacks that are designed to find any vulnerabilities in the russian defence.

The main force of this counter-offensive is not yet commited but Ukraine still manages to free settelments across the front line.

Patience is the key now. We will know more when it’s safe to know more. Wait for official information to be released. Don’t believe everything what comes out from the russian channels.